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Workshop Resources: Recording, Workbook and Video Planner Spreadsheet

A Blueprint for Your Video Marketing Success

Learn what you need to launch a video marketing plan that's on point and on budget with this common sense approach to turning strategy into action.

There is a good chance that you're focusing too much on budget and not enough on strategy.

We get it. You want to create a lot of marketing videos but you don’t think you have the budget to pull it off. We'll show you how to turn a one-day video shoot into 6 videos to jumpstart your video library.

This 30-minute workshop recording will walk you through the vital information you need to create a robust video marketing plan that fits your budget.

In this workshop recording, you will:

  • Learn how to create a roadmap for maximizing your video shoots.
  • Hear tips for identifying the right video to align with your buyer’s journey (or tips for creating a full-funnel marketing approach to video).
  • Get access to our "Identifying Your Key Messages for Video" Workbook as well as our editable, interactive "Video Marketing Planning Worksheet" that you can use to plan your next video shoot.

Get the Resources!

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About the Presenters

KathyHeil.pngKathy Heil | Partner

Kathy Heil is a Partner at StoryTeller Media + Communications and inbound marketing expert. She specializes in helping companies drive more traffic and generate qualified sales leads through their website using inbound marketing.


BrittanyLaeger.pngBritt Laeger | Marketing Manager

Britt brings over 8 years of experience in inbound marketing, content creation, lead generation and HubSpot. Britt is the marketing manager for StoryTeller and she is often called the Swiss army knife of the office.