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Website Best Practices: Using Pop-Up Forms in Your Lead Generation Mix

Learn the essentials for creating actionable pop-up and overlay CTAs that lead website visitors to action and conversion using HubSpot’s (free) Lead Flow tool.

Pop-up CTAs are a flexible, easy way to convert more of your website traffic.

Many marketers avoid using pop-ups and overlays because they are afraid of annoying website visitors, but these forms and boxes can be just as successful (if not more) than any other call-to-action on your website. In fact, Sumo, an overlay software, analyzed over 1.7 billion pop-ups and found that they average a 3% conversion rate.

Join Britt Laeger, HubSpot veteran, for a 30-minute crash course on how to create successful pop-ups using the Lead Flow tool (available in all free and paid HubSpot accounts).

In this webinar, you will:

  • Learn the best practices for creating overlays that convert (no matter what tool you use).
  • See real-life examples of successful pop-up forms, banners and overlays.
  • Get a step-by-step demo of the HubSpot Lead Flow tool.

Watch the Recording!

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About the Presenter | Britt LaegerBrittanyLaeger.png

Britt brings over 8 years of experience in inbound marketing, content creation, lead generation and HubSpot. Britt is the marketing manager for StoryTeller and she is often called the Swiss army knife of the office.